38th EORTC-PAMM Winter Meeting

16th – 18th March, Split, Croatia



The meeting will propose general sessions with disease-oriented symposiums on pancreas, lung, and colon cancer.

• Drug Discovery Committee*
• PAMM Committee Meeting*
• PAMM Committee Dinner*

*On Invitation Only

Session 1 - New Target in Drug Development (I)
Chairs: G.J. Peters, E. Raymond

08:00-08:45 Registration
08:45-09:00 Welcome (E. Raymond)Bizzari
09:00-09:30 Keynote Introduction Lecture: Evolution of Drug Development (E. Cvitkovic)Bizzari
09:30-10:00 MET as a Target for Liver and Head & Neck Cancer (S. Faivre)Bizzari
10:00-10:30 Gene Screening for Target Therapy (C. Le Tourneau)Bizzari
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
Fresh from Biotech Labs: Novel Targets and First-in-Class Drugs in the Pipeline (1)
- The microbiota as a Therapeutic Tool in Cancer Therapy (J. Jimeno - Phosplatin Therapeutics)
- Targeting Stem Cells in Hepatocellular Carcinoma (S. Brun - Genoscience Pharma)Bizzari
- Vaccination Strategies for Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma (R. Trouvé - ERC Swiss)Bizzari
11:45-13:00 Lunch Break
13:00-14:00Celgene-Organized Satellite Symposium

What is the Optimal Chemotherapy Partner for Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Drugs?

- Welcome, Introductions & Educational Objectives (E. Raymond)
- Optimizing Immunotherapy: Rationale for a Combination Therapy Approach (E. Giovannetti)
- Q&A
- Selecting the Optimal Combination Partner for Today’s Immunotherapeutic Approaches (R. Danesi)
- Q&A
- Summary & Close (E. Raymond)

Session 2 – Which Direction for Pancreatic Cancer?
Chair: E. Raymond

Which Direction for Pancreatic Cancer:
Scientist versus Physician (M. Ducreux, E. Giovannetti) This session aims to highlight visions of potential targets and drugs from a lab expert (30 min) followed by a physician (30 min). BizzariBizzari
15:30-16:00Coffee Break and Poster Viewing

Session 3 – Immunotherapy and Pharmaco-Immunology
Chair: A. Hanauske

16:00-16:30Use of small molecule kinase inhibitors for immuno-oncology applications: the Nanocyclix approach (P. Blom)Bizzari
16:30-17:00 Immunotherapy and Immune-Monitoring (E. Jordanova)Bizzari
17:00-17:30 Immunotherapy with and beyond Checkpoint Inhibitors (A. Naing)

Session 4 – Proffered Papers (I)

17:30-18:40 Proffered Papers (7 Lectures)
- Development of novel proteasome deubiquitinase inhibitors (S. Linder)
- Characterization of molecules derived from marine microorganisms, acting on metastatic breast cancer cells (A. Dezaire)
- Development of new theranostic alkoxyamines as prodrugs against glioblastoma (D. Buric)
- New ifosfamide analogs for immunotherapy and nanomedecine against cancer (J. Delahousse)
- Influence of Genetic Polymorphisms on Cardiac Biomarker Concentrations under Doxorubicin Therapy (F. Hellmann)
- Modelling of Daunorubicin Release from Liposomes after Administration of DaunoXome® using a Population Pharmacokinetic Approach (M. Liebich)
- Using RNA-sequencing to detect novel splice variants related to drug resistance in in vitro cancer models (R. Sciarrillo)

Session 5 – New Target in Drug Development (II)
Chair: E. Raymond

09:00-10:00Fresh from Biotech Labs: Novel Targets and First-in-Class Drugs in the Pipeline (2)
- TGF beta receptor inhibitors from the lab to the clinic (K. Benhadji - Lilly)Bizzari
- Pharmacological Profile of PT-112 , a Pyrophosphate Conjugate under clinical development in advanced solid tumors (J. Jimeno - Phosplatin Therapeutics)Bizzari
- Ex-vivo evaluations of novel anticancer agents using fresh tumor explants and biopsies (A. Raballand - AFR Oncology)Bizzari
- First-in-Human Dose Studies with Immuno-Oncology Agents (M. Lahn - Incyte)Bizzari
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break and Poster Viewing

Session 6 – Novel Figures in Pharmacology
Chairs: P. Perego, R.M. Philips

10:30-11:00 Relevance of miRNA as Targets & Biomarkers (P. Gandellini)Bizzari
11:00-11:30 The Science of Pharmacology in Early Drug Development (G.J. Peters)Bizzari
11:30-12:00 Molecular Pathology in Drug Development (J. Cros)Bizzari

Session 7 – Proffered Papers (II)

12:00-12:40 Proffered Papers (4 Lectures)
- Substrate-specific effects of pirinixic acid derivatives on ABCB1-mediated drug transport (M. Michaelis)
- ABCB1 as predominant resistance mechanism in cells with acquired SNS-032 resistance (M. Michaelis)
- The Resistant Cancer Cell Line (RCCL) collection: drug-adapted cancer cell lines as preclinical models of acquired drug resistance (M. Michaelis)
- miR-875-5p reconstitution radiosensitizes prostate cancer cells and xenografts through EGFR suppression (R. El Bezawy)
12:40-13:30Lunch Break

Session 8 – Which Direction for Colon Cancer?
Chair: M. Ducreux

13:30-15:00Symposium: Which Direction for Colon Cancer: Scientist versus Physician (B. Chibaudel, A. Larsen) This session aims to highlight visions of potential targets and drugs from a lab expert (30 min) followed by a physician (30 min).BizzariBizzari
15:00-15:30 Coffe Break and Poster Viewing

Session 9 – Drugs in Action
Chairs: M. Hegi, A. Westwell

15:30-16:00The Challenge of Clonal Evolution upon Treatment for Precision Medicine (M. Hegi)Bizzari
16:00-16:30 Nanomedicine in Oncology: promise and pitfalls (J. Ciccolini)Bizzari
16:30-17:00 Inhibitors of tumor microenvironment signaling (E. Raymond)Bizzari

Session 10 – Proffered Papers (III)

17:00-17:40Proffered Papers (4 Lectures)
- Clinical/Translational Research in Jordan: The King Hussein Cancer Center Perspective, Success & Challenges (A. Al Omari)
- Inhibition of Axl receptor tyrosine kinase abrogates the cytoprotective autophagic flux in NSCLC cells with acquired erlotinib resistance and induces an immunogenic cell death (A. Engelsen)
- NOTCH2 and PTP4A3 gene copy number alterations are associated with prognosis and support novel therapeutic strategies for malignant pleural mesothelioma (L. Leon)
- Optimization of the timing of sequential administration of bevacizumab plus cytotoxics in NSCLC by a mathematical model (S. Benzekry)

Session 11
Innovative Methods for Drug Development

Chairs: A. Larsen, A. Awada

08:30-09:00 How Do First-in-Human Clinical Trials look like in 2017 (G. Hempel)Bizzari
09:00-09:30Drugs Development Methodology : the unavoidable break with the past (A. Awada)Bizzari
09:30-10:00 How relevant are targets and mechanisms of action for drug development (J.P Bizzari)Bizzari
10:00-10:30 Innovations and combinations for novel anticancer strategies (A. Hanauske)Bizzari
10:30-11:00Coffee Break and Poster Viewing

Session 12 – Which Direction for Lung Cancer?
Chair: C. Rolfo

11:00-11:30 Which Direction for Lung Cancer? (L. Paz Ares)Bizzari

Special Lecture

11:30-12:30Burger-Kelland PAMM Lecture (M. D'Incalci)Bizzari

Young Investigator PAMM 2017 Awards

12:30-12:45Best Presentation & Poster Awards

PAMM 2018 Announcements

12:45-13:00 Closing remarks from Chairs