38th EORTC-PAMM Winter Meeting

16th – 18th March, Split, Croatia

Post conference news

Post conference news

Dear Colleagues,


We’d like to thanks you all so much for making the 2017 issue of the PAMM meeting a great success with outstanding science and great networking that generated discussions and collaborations.

We are delighted to share with you the latest news about the 38th EORTC-PAMM Winter Meeting held in Split.

70 delegates from 14 different countries attended the 2017 Meeting. 46 oral presentations were given during the 12 Plenary Sessions, over the 2,5 days of the conference. The 11 presented posters were highly appreciated by all delegates and the discussions were very fruitful during the breaks.

For the first time, we have introduced 2 Sessions entirely dedicated to the Biotech Labs on some of their ongoing novel targets and first-in-class drug development programs. The disease-oriented sessions were also highly appreciated giving together scientific and clinical insights on diseases such as pancreatic and colon cancers.

The Young Investigator Award has been handed out to the winners of the Best Poster and Best Presentation during the Awards Session on Saturday, March 18th.

You can download below the abstracts and oral presentations.

The outstanding venue, the fruitful networking, the high quality program, the social events, and last but not least great spring weather made the 2017 EORTC-PAMM Edition a remarkable success!

We will now be working and keep you posted on the 2018 PAMM meeting that will be organized by Prof. Giovanni Codacci-Pisanelli.

Looking forward meeting you in Rome next year.

Best regards,


Raymond, Chairman

Larsen, Co-Chairman

G. J. Peters, Co-Chairman

SESSION 1: New Target in Drug Development (I)

• Welcome – E. RAYMOND, France Bizzari
• Keynote Introduction Lecture: Evolution of Drug Development – E. CVITKOVIC, France Bizzari
• MET as a Target for Liver and Head & Neck Cancer – S. FAIVRE, France Bizzari
• Gene Screening for Target Therapy – C. LE TOURNEAU, France Bizzari

SESSION 1.1: Fresh from Biotech Labs: Novel Targets and First-in-Class Drugs in the Pipeline (I)

• The microbiota as a Therapeutic Tool in Cancer Therapy – J. JIMENO, USABizzari
• Targeting Stem Cells in Hepatocellular Carcinoma – S. BRUN, France (Not available)
• Vaccination Strategies for Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma – R. TROUVE, Switzerland Bizzari

SYMPOSIUM: Special Symposium Celgene

• Chemo-Immunotherapy, Rational of Synergistic Combination in Treatment of Solid TumorsBizzari
Chair: E. RAYMOND, France

E. GIOVANNETTI, Netherlands
R. DANESI, Italy

SESSION 2: Symposium Which Direction for Pancreatic Cancer?

• Symposium Which Direction for Pancreatic Cancer? Scientist versus Physician
M. DUCREUX, France (Not available)
E. GIOVANNETTI, Netherlands Bizzari

SESSION 3: Immunotherapy and Pharmaco-Immunology

• Use of small Molecule Kinase Inhibitors for Immuno-Oncology Applications: the Nanocyclix Approach – P. BLOM, France Bizzari
• Immunotherapy and Immune-Monitoring – E. JORDANOVA, Netherlands Bizzari
• Immunotherapy with and beyond Checkpoint Inhibitors – A. NAING, USA (Not available)

SESSION 4: Proffered Papers (I)

• Development of novel Proteasome Deubiquitinase Inhibitors – S. LINDER, Sweden (Not available)
• Characterization of Molecules derived from Marine Microorganisms, acting on Metastatic Breast Cancer Cells – A. DEZAIRE, France (Not available)
• Development of new Theranostic Alkoxyamines as Prodrugs against Glioblastoma – D. BURIC, France (Not available)
• New Ifosfamide Analogs for Immunotherapy and Nanomedecine against Cancer – J. DELAHOUSSE, France Bizzari
• Influence of Genetic Polymorphisms on Cardiac Biomarker Concentrations under Doxorubicin Therapy – F. HELLMANN, Germany Bizzari
• Modelling of Daunorubicin Release from Liposomes after Administration of DaunoXome® using a Population Pharmacokinetic Approach – M. LIEBICH, Germany Bizzari
• Using RNA-sequencing to detect novel Splice Variants related to Drug Resistance in in vitro Cancer Models – R. SCIARRILLO, Netherlands Bizzari

SESSION 5: Fresh from Biotech Labs: Novel Targets and First-in-Class Drugs in the Pipeline (II)

• TGF Beta Receptor Inhibitors from the Lab to the Clinic – K. BENHADJI, France Bizzari
• Pharmacological Profile of PT-112, a Pyrophosphate Conjugate under Clinical Development in Advanced Solid Tumors – J. JIMENO, USA (Not available)
• Ex-vivo Evaluations of Novel Anticancer Agents using Fresh Tumor Explants and Biopsies – A. TIJERAS-RABALLAND, France Bizzari
• First-in-Human Dose Studies with Immuno-Oncology Agents – M. LAHN, Switzerland (Not available)

SESSION 6: Novel Figures in Pharmacology

• Relevance of miRNA as Targets & Biomarkers – P. GANDELLINI, Italy (Not available)
• The Science of Pharmacology in Early Drug Development – G.J. PETERS, Netherlands Bizzari
• Molecular Pathology in Drug Development – J. CROS, France (Not available)

SESSION 7: Proffered Papers (II)

• Substrate-specific Effects of Pirinixic Acid Derivatives on ABCB1-Mediated Drug Transport – M. MICHAELIS, United Kingdom Bizzari
• ABCB1 as predominant Resistance Mechanism in Cells with acquired SNS-032 Resistance – M. MICHAELIS, United Kingdom (Same as above)
• The Resistant Cancer Cell Line (RCCL) Collection: drug-adapted Cancer Cell lines as Preclinical Models of acquired Drug Resistance – M. MICHAELIS, United Kingdom (Same as above)
• miR-875-5p Reconstitution Radiosensitizes Prostate Cancer Cells and Xenografts through EGFR Suppression – R. EL BEZAWY, Italy Bizzari

SESSION 8: Symposium Which Direction for Colon Cancer ?

• Symposium: Which Direction for Colon Cancer? Scientist versus Physician
A. LARSEN, France (Not available)
B. CHIBAUDEL, France Bizzari

SESSION 9: Drugs in Action

• The Challenge of Clonal Evolution upon Treatment for Precision Medicine – M. HEGI, Switzerland Bizzari
• Nanomedicine in Oncology: Promise and Pitfalls – J. CICCOLINI, France Bizzari
• Inhibitors of Tumor Microenvironment Signaling – E. RAYMOND, France Bizzari

SESSION 10: Proffered Papers (III)

• Clinical/Translational Research in Jordan: The King Hussein Cancer Center Perspective, Success & Challenges – A. AL OMARI, Jordan Bizzari
• Inhibition of Axl Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Abrogates the Cytoprotective Autophagic Flux in NSCLC Cells with Acquired Erlotinib Resistance and induces an Immunogenic Cell Death – A. ENGELSEN, Norway (Not available)
• NOTCH2 and PTP4A3 Gene Copy Number Alterations are associated with Prognosis and Support Novel Therapeutic Strategies for Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma – L. G. LEON, Italy (Not available)
• Optimization of the timing of Sequential Administration of Bevacizumab plus Cytotoxics in NSCLC by a Mathematical Model – S. BENZEKRY, France Bizzari

SESSION 11: Innovative Methods for Drug Development

• How do First-in-Human Clinical Trials look like in 2017? – G. HEMPEL, Germany Bizzari
• Drugs Development Methodology: the unavoidable break with the past – A. AWADA, Belgium Bizzari
• How relevant are Targets and Mechanisms of action for Drug Development? – J-P. BIZZARI, USA Bizzari
• Innovations and Combinations for Novel Anticancer Strategies – A-R. HANAUSKE, Germany (Not available)

SESSION 12: Which Direction for Lung Cancer?
• Which Direction for Lung Cancer? – L. PAZ ARES, Spain Bizzari
SPECIAL LECTURE: Burger-Kelland PAMM Lecture
• Burger-Kelland PAMM Lecture – M. D’INCALCI, Italy Bizzari
AWARDS: Young Investigator PAMM 2017 Awards

• Best Presentation: New Ifosfamide Analogs for Immunotherapy and Nanomedecine against Cancer – J. DELAHOUSSE, France
• Best Poster: Development of Inhibitors of αB-crystallin as potential Therapy against Triple Negative Breast Cancer – N. FOSU-MENSAH, United Kingdom